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I’M 18!

I’M 18!

  1. cocojin said: happy birthday! :)
  2. littlebunnybunbun said: HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY
  3. straynymph said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BBBBB
  4. bo--beep said: SCREAMS HAPPY BIRTHDAY <333
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I'm Kiki !
I love cute things & cute fashion
I'm hispanic
I'm a proud feminist
Beginner hooper & aspiring pole dancer
I go to shows a lot
This blog was meant to show the things I love & that inspire me & to record my life happenings
I'm glad you have stumbled onto my tumblr.
Please enjoy <3
~*sometimes NSFW*~
*Pics of Me*
*Personal Posts*
*Shows I've been to/want to attend* *ASKS*
Instagram: kikiisakitty



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